10 Reasons To Travel As A Model With My Paradise Shoot


My Paradise Shoot

We are known to offer the most affordable international photoshoot trip packages. Not only do the packages we offer include professional photo/ video shoots and expertly retouched pictures, but they are also always inclusive of local transportation, 4* Villa or Penthouse accommodation, guided sight seeing and social activities. For the same price you would pay for a local professional portfolio shoot, why not make your photo shoot an international travel experience instead?


My Paradise Shoot

Having your photoshoot in a paradise location is surely an amazing opportunity, but gaining new life experiences and learning about new cultures is by far more empowering and memorable. All of our trips include guided tours and activities to ensure you get to experience the culture and ways of life. This makes the My Paradise Shoot experience an excellent choice and second to none!


My Paradise Shoot

Travelling with a like-minded group of motivated individuals can open up vast possibilities. From sharing ideas, collaborating on future projects or getting those direct contacts you’ve been looking for. Since everyone on the trip has similar goals and aspirations, you can be confident that you‘ll be supported in your photo and video shoot ideas.


My Paradise Shoot

We understand it’s imperative to invest in providing top content for your social media accounts to support organic growth, interaction and revenue/sponsorship opportunities. By travelling on one of our trips, you are guaranteed an increase in your followers, profile impressions and growth opportunities.

5. FUN

My Paradise Shoot

The primary aim of our trips is to create unique content in beautiful places that will make you stand out, however, we also like to have fun! So after all the hard work is done, we always indulge in fun activities such as beach clubs, celebrity dj nightclubs, theatrical shows and lots more.


My Paradise Shoot

We provide a unique opportunity to create new content each day of the trip through our well researched itinerary. Every day presents new locations and activities made famous by Influencers and celebrities where both candid selfies and professional pictures can be taken.


My Paradise Shoot

Being safe is a daily priority for us all, especially when travelling abroad in a country you may not be familiar with. Travelling with a professionally organised group takes away most of this worry. Knowing that you have our full support and assistance if it’s needed makes your trip a safer, more relaxing experience.


My Paradise Shoot

Our extensive portfolio speaks for itself and is backed up by our creative reputation. On all our trips, you will be working with a professional photography team of make-up artist, hair stylist, photographer and videographer who have over 15 years experience between them, and carefully put in place by UK & Internationally based production company - The Collective Management.


My Paradise Shoot

Living in style and comfort is what we do! You are guaranteed to stay in a top 4* Penthouse or Private. Villa with a swimming pool when you attend a trip with My Paradise Shoot. On some occasions we even provide an in-house chef! Don’t just take our words for it, click here to see some of our past accommodations.


My Paradise Shoot

Save yourself the frustrating and time consuming process of looking for hotels, booking ground transport, negotiating prices with local photographers and everything else in between that’s needed to achieve your Paradise photo shoot experience. All you need to do is book your flights and we'll take care of everything else for you!


The Personification of an Empowered Paradise Seeker!

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